July 2014

July 23, 2014 at 3:53 pm



They call it the mad season don’t they? These long hot summers that we know and love here in the UK, or maybe that’s actually India? To be fair though we are having a hot summer this year and it’s baking in the studio. I thought I’d post a few random iPhone shots from my travels over the last month or so. I recently shot a lovely assignment in Provence and had the pleasure of a little Fiat 500 to scoot around in. Although the weather wasn’t always on our side we did certainly manage to shoot in some beautiful, legendary Provence light. I’ve just today got my hands on the fuji x100s which I’m very excited to start using. I’m always slightly disappointed whilst I’m travelling that I didn’t shoot the occasional background shot on something better than my iPhone, so after a bit of research it seemed like the Fuji X series was the way to go. I wanted something I could sling over my shoulder and also something that wasn’t too heavy or bulky. Iphones are so so handy but disappointing technically when it comes to printing, the less I have one in my hand the happier I’ll be. Lets see if  X100s is as beautiful to use as it is to look at.  Hope you’re all enjoying the hot summer (I’m off to buy another fan for the studio).