Boxing Portrait 2013

October 16, 2013 at 2:55 pm

Picture 007


I found this file again, it’s a 5×4 negative that I still haven’t really finished printing but it’s certainly one that I enjoy. The light was beautiful but very tricky to handle. The boxer, Patrick, is a fantastic athlete. He’s very, very dedicated to his sport, I have total respect for the way he conducts himself. He’d trained solidly for 3 months and as you can see was in superb shape. Unfortunately and unbelievably he was denied a visa for his fight just two days before the bout. I was gutted for him, especially as I was in no doubt that he’d win.

Posting the image just to see how it sits for a while, sometimes when you revisit an image you feel it’s not quite right. Other times when you revisit an image you enjoy it just as much as when you printed it/edited it.

(Just before this shot I’d been loading film and when I looked up he was suddenly stark naked. He was having a weigh in, never under estimate how much a pair of pants weighs. And yes, he was fighting fit)

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