A Blog Promise

September 29, 2013 at 11:13 am

I’ve woken up realising that I need to write more in these blog posts. Not a major epiphany but I’m putting out a promise that I will start to blog more about what I’m doing creatively. I’m slightly changing direction in my photographic journey so it’s probably a good time to start afresh. I’ve been reading another photographers website and found it very interesting to hear about what is going in their World. One of the posts was on how many students write and ask for tips on how to ‘make it’ in the photography World. I get a few of these, not many, which is good as I don’t feel I have actually “made it” in any sense. I’ve had some highlights for sure but do I actually really feel like I can fully support myself and my son with absolute certainty? Hm, that’s still something that I’m striving for. I’m sure many photographers out there would agree with me though so I’m definitely not alone. The work is still out there though, you just have to adjust to what is happening with both the editorial and commercial Worlds of photography.

So what do I say to people who ask me for tips on succeeding in the contemporary photography industry? Usually I tell them where I went wrong and to learn from there. The thing I wished I done more of is getting out there and showing my work to people. Make appointments and get your work seen. I’ve somehow managed to get commissions through very little contact with picture editors and art buyers. When I was studying at Brighton we had one lecture on how to get work. The only thing I can remember from that talk was the part about day rates, we were all told “you look them in the eye and say your day rate is £1500″. Of course every student was licking their commission hungry lips at the vision of this wonderful photographic World. My course was very much art based and expected every graduate to get out there and follow their dream in their own unique way because you “couldn’t teach how to make it in the photography industry”. I hear now that from the first term photography students are told to get a twitter account, get a facebook page, get a website. “No social media? No commissions.” Everything has to be in balance of course, my 25,000 tweets are now embedded in history but I’ve seen the light and am now on a strict LA style twitter diet. It’s a tough punishing regime but it’s so worth it honey. Moving into a shared creative desk space has meant my need for twitter has diminished. Having your work space at home is always a lonely place of work and twitter quickly becomes your 24/7 office where there’s always somebody wanting to yabber. Twitter, it’s not you, it’s me.

I’m currently packing my thinktank bags for an editorial shoot at Lloyds of London. After that, something a bit more energetic, a sports shoot that I’m very much looking forward to and more about this in a few weeks. Until then, you might just catch a rare glimpse of me on twitter, a sign that things never, ever, stay the same.

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